Alternator kit 450W Lithium style battery compatib

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Alternator kit THE ultimate Lithium style battery compatible upgrade for your BMW Airhead's charging system is this 450w alternator kit.
Updated design with fewer components.
One kit fits ALL Airheads - no need to know the stator size.
Simple installation.
Detailed Installation Guide- see HERE
Lithium Battery compatible.
Will also work with AGM or Lead-Acid batteries with a slightly lower voltage regulation.
Mosfet R/R with voltage conditioners to manage voltage ripple and appropriate voltage regulation.
Ideal for any custom build for a clean simple and powerful electrical system.
All components mount in stock locations, no fabricating of brackets etc. required

The Kit includes all the components to replace your under-performing 240w BOSCH charging system. Featuring a Permanent Magnet Rotor which eliminates the brushes and potential rotor failure. The Hi-Output Stator produces significant AC voltage at lower RPM's not possible with the original system. The new lithium specific MOSFET regulator rectifier is specifically designed to mount under the front engine cover replacing the diode board for a clean, simple installation. With a combined Voltage Regulator / Rectifier, the two components most vulnerable to failure on the BOSCH charging system, namely the diode board and the voltage regulator are eliminated. In addition the kit includes a Rotor Removal Tool, a new timing cover Oil Seal and a Caliper for accurate measurements. Will work with conventional wet acid and AGM batteries, however will have a slightly lower voltage regulation of 14.1 volts (as required by Lithium type batteries).

For BMW classic airhead models
R 50/5, R 60/5, R 75/5, R 60/6, R 75/6, R 90/6, R 90S, R 60/7, R 75/7, R 80/7, R 80RT, R 80, R 100/7, R 100S, R 100RS, R 100RT, R 100CS, R 45, R 65, R 65LS, R 80G/S, R 80ST, R 65GS
Paralever Modelle R 80GS, R 100GS, R 80GS PD, R 100GS PD, R 80R, R 80R Mystic, R 100R, R 100R Mystic R 80GS Basic
Monolever Modelle R 65, R 80, R 80RT, R 100RS, R 100RT

Compare Bosch 0 120 340 004 / 0 120 340 005 / 0 120 340 008

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