Brush set For alternator For all BMW 2-valve mode

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Brush set The alternator brushes wear down over time and that can be all that's wrong with you charging system if you're lucky. As long as the brush holder isn't worn out, it's possible just replace the brushes. To do so, soldering is required.

Complete set of two brushes.

It's also good practice to replace the brushes when replacing the alternator rotor.

For all BMW R 2V Boxer models
R 50/5, R 60/5, R 75/5, R 60/6, R 75/6, R 90/6, R )0S, R 60/7, R 60T, R 75/7, R 75T, R 80/7, R 80/7N, R 80/7S, R 80, R 80N, R 80TN, R 80TS, R 100/7, R 100, R 100T, R 100S, R 100CS, R 100RS, R 100RT
Monolever models R 65, R 80, R 80RT, R 100RS, R 100RT
R 80G/S, R 65GS, R 80G/S PD, R 80ST,
Paralever models R 80GS, R 80 GS PD, R 100GS, R 100GS PD, R80R, R 80R Mystic, R 100R, R 100R Mystic
R 45, R 45N, R 45S, R 45T, R 45NT, R 65, R 65T, R 65LS

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