Drive gear interlocking Repair kit

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Drive gear interlocking Cost effective and permanent repair of the final drive splines

This part provides you with an option to replacing the ring and pinion set of your final drive and it is a much more elegant solution than welding a new spline onto the original final drive ring gear shaft.

After the original weld has been ground off. The entire spline shaft can be pressed out of the ring gear. Then, this high quality replacement shaft is pressed into the ring gear. The shaft is manufactured of the same material as the ring gear, so this new part and the original ring gear can be welded together perfectly by an experienced welder.

For BMW Boxer 2-valve models
R 50/,5 R,60/5, R 75/5, R 60/6, R 75/6, R 90/6, R 90S, R 60/7, R 75/7, R 80/7, R 80RT, R 80 , R100/7, R 100S, R 100RS, R 100RT, R 100CS, R 45 R 65, R 65LS.

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