Power Kit Extra 1000cc With stainless steel push r

Power Kit Extra 1000cc With stainless steel push rod tubes

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Power Kit Extra 1000cc Plug & Play kit.

The ultimate 1000 cc conversion kit for all BMW R 80 models from 9/1980 onwards with TÜV approval and installation instructions. Increase in torque and power over the entire revs range, coupled with extreme spontaneity and solid quiet-running are unbeatable arguments for these easily understandable tuning measures. Contained in the kit are nicasil-coated cylinders and weight-optimised forged
pistons that each weigh 150 grams less than the original part. In addition, the piston shape has been so chosen that no modification to the cylinder head is necessary. The result of the conversion is now an increase in torque
from the original 57 Nm to 72 Nm. It is no different with the horsepower. With the R 80G/S, R 80ST and R 80GS the output increases from 49.3 to 59.2 hp and even 63.1 hp can be reached with the R80 road machines. Apart from that, the conversion kit eliminates the typical BMW torque dropout between 4000 and 5000 revs and captivates with a formidably quiet run-ning thanks to the lighter pistons.

The set includes cylinders, pistons, gudgeon pis, circlips and piston rings.
In addition the kits also contains stainless steel push rod protection tubes that are already pressed into the cylinders.

Order at the same time a gasket set (art. no. 1100101) , in OEM quality, to complete the fitting of the Power Kit Extra.

For BMW classic airhead models R 80, R 80RT, R 80 Monolever (x), R 80RT Monolever (x), R 80ST, R 80G/S, R 80GS (x), R 80R (x).
(x) = Only permitted for vehicles up to 31.3.1994

To reduce the thermal loading on the machine, we recommend the fiting of an additional oil pan distance ring and / or an oil cooler for all Power Kit Extra conversions.
Compare art. no. 1142400, 1113100, 1113120, 1113130, 1113427.

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