Shock "Eco Basic GS" For BMW GS models

R 80GS 87-96, R 100GS 87-96

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New product line Siebenrock VarioShock:
High quality shocks with that certain something

When an ethusiastic designer like Jochen Siebenrock teams up with a recognized suspension specialist like Hubert Hofmann from HH Race-Tech, BMW aficionados may look forward to something special. That is to say a product line of high quality shock-absorbers exclusively developed for Siebenrock and made in Germany.

Needless to say - as sual with Siebenrock - with that certain something. All of the new Siebenrock VaruoShock shock-absorbers are adjustable in length by +/- 10mm to be specific.

Thereby the chassis can be adjusted easily and fast to individual needs, without having to exchange the shocks. For those, who wish a steeper rake angle and thus a more nimble riding experience choose the maximum length. The other way round a short shock absorber makes for a sound road holding and facilitates a solid reach for smaller riders.

Für BMW classic airhead models R 80GS, R 80GS PD, R 100GS, R 100GS PD.

Length adjustable
Spting tension adjustable
Springcolour black
Springcolour orange and white optional, please order
white 3392016
orange 3392004

Compare: 33532301743 / 33-53-2-301-743

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